Start a party,

meet up for lunch,

catch a concert.

Live life on the whim.

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Invites with a fuse!

It is 11:30 a.m. and you just decided to go to lunch. How would you invite all your friends and associates to come? If you are thinking of texting them all one by one... Forget about it! Use Whimmy to send out a mass invitation, and see who responds!

Whimmy... you know, for doing things on a whim.

  • Hey, want to come?

    Send a Whim to your friends next time you are getting ready to host the party on game day, hit a few rounds of golf, or even head over to the burger place for lunch. Invite them all, and see who responds!.

  • I have 3 tickets available

    First come, first served! Send the invitation to your friends and see who snatches them up first! Use it next time your one friend ditches out last minute, leaving you with those extra tickets!

  • Sending is easy. Responding is even easier

    Whimmy takes inviting people down to the basics with one simple question; You coming or not? Responding is as easy as tapping yes or no. It can even be done from the lockscreen!

  • Invitations with a fuse

    Going out to lunch in 30 minutes? Send an invite that closes in 30 minutes, and auto-deletes from the list of those who didn’t respond. No need to clutter their Whimmy inbox with things they missed out on!

  • Include the location of the event

    When setting up an event, mark it on the map with a pin, and send that as part of the invitation. Your friends will know exactly where to meet you.

  • No one left out

    Not everyone has Whimmy installed on their phones. What about them? Well, they will get a wonderful text message with all the important details! That along with an invite to install Whimmy of course!

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